Are online acting classes okay?

Remote acting classes, while rarely free, are less expensive than in-person acting classes. You can receive high-quality training for a fraction of the cost of an in-person performance class. And you also save on travel expenses. Cindy Tanas Actors Studio teaches acting classes for theater and film in Toronto and the GTA, Collingwood and Southern Georgian Bay.

I remember studying at the American Conservatory Theater and there was an acting teacher who introduced us to a new method of acting called status. The best acting classes I've ever attended always took place with a new teacher who had a great passion for the subject he was teaching. Acting shouldn't be an intellectual task, but understanding the foundations of acting and acting is vital to becoming a better actor. So are online acting classes more important than ever? Yes and no, the key is to approach them correctly.

If an online acting class intends to stay online and provides you with all the materials you'll need online, then it sure can be a great tool. So after teaching several online acting courses, I can safely say that it's definitely a legitimate way to learn how to act.

Frances Valdez
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