Do group or private online or in-person classes offer more personalized instruction than traditional theater performances do?

The advent of online learning has “disrupted” the education system. Traditionally, schooling has been carried out in person, which has had limitations for people who cannot attend. Therefore, the most obvious benefit of offering online learning opportunities is that it opens up education to many more people. For people who don't appreciate the structure of face-to-face meetings in the classroom, online learning is a great alternative.

All students work and learn at different rates, and online classes offer students the ability to follow their own schedules. With a flexible schedule, students can adapt the classroom to the learning environment and class schedule that best suits them. For example, student-athletes miss classes quite often due to sporting events, but are expected to keep up with the rest of the class, even if their classes are not recorded so that they can learn the material. It's important to note that regular online classes have a different set of disadvantages compared to online classes, which had to change rapidly due to the pandemic.

Online classes open the door to many people who don't have the means to attend in-person classes or to people who want to return to school, but they may also have other commitments.

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