What is the difference between an in-person and an online acting class?

However, given today's unique circumstances, there are different ones. Acting is about being present in the body and in the room; how is a teacher going to help if he isn't present? While an online class isn't the same as being in the same physical room with your performance coach, it's still a valuable tool for mastering your skills if done correctly. Since the lockdown wasn't just a brief moment, young actors from all over the world who were starting to learn acting would miss out on a lot if they stopped attending classes altogether. But even so, the opportunity to attend virtual classes online may still be an attractive option for some students who can't necessarily afford to attend classes at one of our theater institutes based in New York or California.

And if the student is willing to put in the effort, they can benefit greatly from online acting classes. Broadway Lessons has all the classes you need to hone your talent, including web acting classes, music classes for children, and online music classes.

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